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Service and Terms of Guarantee


We provide service to all our products. We can deliver any spare part upon request.

Terms of Guarantee

Boat has been tested before shipping from the plant and producer is reliable for its qualities. Supposing that it is stored and used according to the producer´s instructions (user´s manual), we provide a warranty of 24 months from the date of sale. Warranty covers hidden defects that can show up within the warranty period as a material or production defects. See also warranty card.


Boat Repair

You can easily repair a punctured boat by yourself using the fixing kit. Fixing procedure:

  •  Find the damaged spot and choose the right size of patch
  •  Surface of both patch and glued spot must be dry and clean, without the residue of crusted glue
  •  Clean the surroundings of the spot with acetone or petrol
  •  Put glue of both glued areas and leave it for 10 minutes to wither
  •  After glue has withered, put the patch onto the spot and press well (we recommend to weight it down on a flat pad or roll it with a roller). If it is only a small-size repair, you can wait only 45 minutes and then inflate the boat and go on with your tour. If it is a bigger repair, let glue dry at least 24 hours.

In case of more complicated repairs, spare parts replacements and punctures of large scale we recommend entrusting the work to the hands of producer. Do not hesitate to contact us!