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Boat Rio - introduction

Boat RIO

Double-seated boat Rio is designated for riding on white water rivers of up to WW IV difficulty; for its construction it is ideal for more days´ touring by water and it has been tested even during hard expeditions, lasting several weeks. Its extraordinary riding characteristics, excellent stability and construction stiffness are accompanied by a self-discharge at the back. In case you go through rapids and flooding jeopardizes the boat, you will surely appreciate the outlet sleeve that lets water out immediately. This is of great help also while boat cleaning. The sleeve can be shut up comfortably when you ride a calm river. For harder river passages there are fixing thigh straps. Boats are made from a high-quality material Valmex. This material is resistant to tearing, scraping and UV rays, so that it does not lose colour. We use valves of HK type, which are comfortable to use and easy to dismantle and clean. A full range of very useful accessories that enhance your comfort has completed the boat (net for small stuff, transportation lugs, quick hitch for a pump, loops for fastening the bags, metal loops and rope to tie the boat to the riverside. Selected materials, thoroughly chosen production technology and the original construction are all key elements that lead to the extraordinary stiffness and stability of the boat under both common as well as extreme conditions. The boat construction and used material, both together, create a perfect boat shape so that there is no need of any additional braces. You can choose from the following types of material to make a boat from: 1st – basic, 2nd – thickened, 3rd - lightened. Thickened material is only upon request.