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Boat Rio - Basic - introduction

Double-seated boat Rio is designated for riding on white water rivers of up to WW IV difficulty. The canoe has three inflatable chambers; two side cylinders and the bottom have valves that allow inflating and deflating the boat. The valves are situated in the front part of the cylinders and the bottom. There is a pressure valve at the bottom. The canoe has two seats, close to each there are fixing thigh straps, passed through lugs next to the seat and at the bottom. All around the boat there are loops to tie a rope. Rio has been fit up with lugs all around the boat side to tie the stuff by a snap shackle or rope, to carry the boat easily or turn to the normal position in the case of overturning. Baggage can be placed under the nets that are both at the bow as well as the stern of the canoe (we strongly recommend to put all the stuff into waterproof bags). There is a rope passed through the spike, it can be used to tie the boat to the riverside. At the back there is a self-discharge with a closable sleeve that allows an easy water outflow and boat cleaning. We deliver the boat in a boat bag.

The boat Rio stands out thanks to a good manoeuvrability, speed and loading capacity. Boat width and bottom shaping that has been originally developed, the both features contribute to the stability of the boat under the extreme riding conditions, when going down white water rivers. Of course, the riding characteristics and stability of the boat will be of great help while family touring by river with small kids. We have been testing our boats for a long time now, going down diverse rivers and also under extreme expedition conditions, as well as during boating courses and summer camps for kids.

While riding, we recommend using a buoyancy aid with a minimum displacement of 7.5 kg, helmet, neoprene (wet suit), first aid box, servicing packet and safety means.

Delivery includes: