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Boat Rio - Lightweight - introduction

Two- or three-seat-boat (if needed) RIO in lightened version has been developed for riding on white water rivers of up to WW IV difficulty. Foremost, it has been designed for boaters who appreciate low weight and space-saving type of boat at a fair price, still preserving excellent riding characteristics. Boat ergonomics have been projected for a maximum lengthways stability, still keeping the boat robust enough for comfortable sailing down the weirs and levels. Features mentioned above predestine the lightened boat for boating on harder rivers, thanks to low weight also for expeditions as well as for tourist and family touring by river. The lightened version has a specific construction and is made from a thoroughly chosen lightened material so that the boat, in comparison with the basic version of Rio, keeps the extraordinary riding characteristics and still can be of a lower weight. Due to a specific production material the boat can be made only in green-grey colour combination (unlike the other versions).

Boat has been equipped with a self-discharge at the back, with fixing thigh straps, there is also a rope to tie boat to the riverside, rubber lugs for small stuff, loops to tie baggage inside the boat and other accessories same with the basic version of the boat. There is enough space for all baggage, be it bags, barrels, waterproof boxes etc. - all the stuff you can easily and comfortably tie inside the boat. Besides the riding characteristics, the system to tie up the third seat has been figured out very practically, according to rider´s need.

While riding, we recommend using a buoyancy aid with a minimum displacement of 7.5 kg, helmet, neoprene (wet suit), first aid box, servicing packet and safety means.

Delivery includes: