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Loď Rio - odlehčená - technické parametry
Canoe has three inflatable chambers, two side rollers and bottom are provided with a valve which allows for inflation and deflation of the boat. The bottom of the boat is equipped with a pressure relief valve. Canoe is equipped with two seats. For each paddler is the mounts on the bottom and the mounts near the seat belt threaded through the femoral fixation. Valves are placed in front of the cylinder and bottom. After the district canoes are sewn eyelets for attaching ropes. In the back part of the boat is self-bailing hole fitted sleeves, which allow water flow. Canoe is delivered in a transport bag.

Technical data:

  • maximum length of 410
  • max width 100
  • diameter peripheral roller 31
  • Number of air chambers 3
  • Product dimensions when folded 80 x 35 x 30
  • maximum weight of 18 kg
  • material strength 850 g / m
Dimensions are for a fully inflated condition