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Kayak is an absolute innovation in our production. We have been projected, prepared and tested it for quite a long time but the outcome is worth it. Kayak has a top solid construction that guarantees a perfect strength, manoeuvrability and stability in all situations. Construction strength, proposed shape and character of the materials used predestine the kayak for white water rivers of up to WW IV difficulty. Thanks to low weight and easy packing kayak is suitable for tours and expeditions where you carry the boat very often. It is also suitable for beginners who want to familiarize with riding the kayak. Beginners will surely appreciate the virtues of the inflatable kayak, such as an excellent protection against impact, easy getting out of the boat as well as the fact that the boat does not sink in case you had to leave it. Comfortable seat and enough space inside the boat contribute to a very comfortable riding. Deck is covered with a common spraydeck so that the rider and his baggage are protected against water.

Kayak stands out thanks to a good manoeuvrability, speed and loading capacity. Boat width and bottom shaping that has been originally developed, the both features contribute to the stability of the boat under the extreme riding conditions, when going down white water rivers. 

While riding, we recommend using a buoyancy aid with a minimum displacement of 7.5 kg, helmet, neoprene (wet suit), first aid box, servicing packet and safety means.

Delivery includes: