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Technical parameters kayak
Kayak has five inflatable chambers, the side rollers, bottom and two decks are provided with a valve which allows for inflation and deflation of the boat. Valves are placed inside the kayak bottom is equipped with a pressure relief valve. The kayak is equipped with adjustable seat. The cockpit is dragged classic Spraydeck so kayaker and his baggage are protected from water penetration. The sitting position is a comfortable reclining seat inflatable. Kayak comes in a transport bag.

Technical parameters kayak:

  • Weight 16 kg
  • length 290
  • Diameter cylinder 16
  • width 75
  • Size of the packing 90 x 50 x 15
  • Max load capacity 100 kg
  • Max number of persons 1
  • Number of air chambers 5
Dimensions are for a fully inflated condition