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Production technology

Used Materials and Production Technologies


Our boats are made from Valmex and Heytex-Doublewall® materials. Both materials have been developed and are produced in Germany. They are the most up-to-date materials, produced based on the latest knowledge about inflated boats manufacturing. The difference is in a chemical composition of sediment. It is foremost due to their outstanding resistance that they are used for boat production. They are very elastic and at the same time resistant to mechanic damage, they are absolutely resistant to water, air and UV rays, they neither lose colour nor crack on the surface. They work reliably in temperatures from -30 to +70ºC. PU layer guarantees resistance to abrading as well as sufficient flexibility. Firm foundation textile ensures very good lengthways and crosswise stiffness of the boat.

For each of our boats we use a method of layered joints. This method takes into account all requirements to load and use of each joint and combines techniques as welding with hot air, high frequency welding, gluing and sewing. A complex process of projecting, attesting and production itself takes place in the workroom of a small family firm. Boats are made with devotion and with a maximum care for detail, they are carried out with precision and guarantee of the highest quality.


Valmex – is a special material for rubber boats production. They are very elastic and at the same time resistant to mechanic damage. Material is absolutely resistant to water and air.

We use:     Tensile strength:
1000 g/m2 3000/3000 N/5 cm
1450 g/m2 3000/3000 N/5 cm
  630 g/m2 2200/2200 N/5 cm
  850 g/m2 2500/2500 N/5 cm