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About us

About us


“Kutlíci” firm is concerned with the manufacturing of inflated boats. Our boats are produced in the conditions of small family firm, solely by hand. In our work we do stress a thorough choice of used materials and production technologies. Inflated boats are made from high-quality materials Valmex and Heytex-Doublewall®, only by hand. Glued and sewn joints put all parts of boat together. We have been testing our boats for a long time now during tours on white water rivers so we can speak from our experience when we work on improving and enhancing our products. Basic boat from our workroom is RIO. It is a double-seated inflated boat with a self-discharge that is suitable for boaters touring on calm rivers. Its extraordinary stability, resistance and excellent qualities will be appreciated mainly by experienced boaters who go for white water rivers (boat is meant for rivers of up to WWIV difficulty). We provide service to all our products. If you are interested in buying a high-quality boat, please go for more detailed information on this site.


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